Things You Might Not Know About Firewood

 - Did you know that most new wood stoves or fireplace inserts are 87% efficient or higher. Making wood burning have less greenhouse gasses (CO2) than most rotting wood CO2 gasses. New outdoor wood furnaces are making there way up to 90% - 98% efficient!! Making wood one of the most recycled energy, having one of the lowest carbon footprint. 

- Did you know that it's illegal to clear cut hardwood forests in Canada. (Unless huge permits exists, like hydro lines, or roads...etc) Logging is very controlled, and must have permits to even thin out forest for new growth. Cutting one wrong tree could result in a huge fine.

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 A Bush Cord is measured 4'x4'x8' stacked. 128 Stacked cubic feet.

A Face Cord is measured 4'x8' stacked (can be 12", or 16" length)